Boron neutron capture therapy

New Generation "Radiotherapy & Targeted Therapy"

To fight against cancer

Precise • Safe • Efficient

  • Internal Molecular Targeted Particle Therapy

    BNCT is an advanced radiotherapy based on the irradiation with epithermal neutrons when the target has been loaded with 10B. 10B is firstly carried by a target drug to the cancer cell. Then neutron is generated by BNCT therapy system and applied to patient’s cancer region. Neutron captured by 10B then generates two high-LET, short-range (close to one cellular size) heavy ions (4He and 7Li) that can directly destroy the DNA double helix of cancer cells to cause non-reparable damages to the cancer cell while limiting damage to the surrounding normal cells. BNCT selectively destroys cancer cells while sparing normal cells by drug selectivity and physical property.

  • Precise • Safe • Efficient


Fill the gap in treating the medium and advanced cancer

BNCT has demonstrated prominent clinical efficacy in recurrent, invasive, metastatic, and untreatable cancers, especially for head and neck cancers, brain tumors, malignant melanoma, osteosarcoma, breast cancers with BPA target drug.

BNCT is so far under clinical research in China and U.S. ,which is not yet approved for public use. Japan is currently the only country approving BNCT.

Researchers are expecting boarder clinical applications of BNCT as more target drugs are developed in coming future. Including liver cancer、lung cancer and pancreatic cancer.



Short Treatment Period (1-2 Courses)

Heavy ions destroy the DNA double helix of cancer cells

Short Treatment Period (1-2 Courses)

Low Side Effect

Low toxicity and normal tissue uptake for drug only
Low radioactivity for neutron beam only


High Safety

Combined with PET/CT to achieve “SEE and TREAT ” 
4P Medicine: Personalized, Predictive, Preventive and Participatory Medicine


Convenience and Efficiency

NO PTV/CTV/ GTV , But Bioadaptive
NO Drug Resistance 

Clinical Procedures

  • 诊断评估

    Take a 18FBPA-PET/CT scan at Nuclear Medicine Department for cancer diagnostic and BNCT efficacy projection.

  • 方案制定

    Take a CT scan with simulation and Establish an individualized treatment planning.

  • 硼药滴注

    Intravenously inject BNCT therapeutic drug BPA for about 2 hours as preparation.

  • 中子照射

    Position inside the BNCT treatment room and Irradiate with epithermal neutron beam for 20 - 30 minutes. Monitor the efficacy 2-4 weeks after first BNCT, and apply the second treatment fraction if necessary.